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The Reluctant CEO

Succeeding Without Saving Your Soul


A leadership story for the 21st Century 

Praise for The Reluctant CEO--a work of fiction with true-to-life leadership lessons. A great book according to these reviews. 

"Thank you John Calia for writing a no nonsense book on how difficult it is to maintain one's character and dignity while running a company as a CEO. Leadership seems to be a lost quality these days, and "The Reluctant CEO" is a bright light illuminating an often dark path on the way to success in business and life!"  -- M. Tublin 

"As someone who has owned or managed a dozen small firms and, as a business journalist, interview everyone from Bill Gates to Richard Branson, I can vouch for the important lessons embedded in this parable of the difficult journey to sustained success. The human mind has been conditioned to recall stories better than abstract commandments and this book will help improve anyone's results." -- Scott S. Smith

"As a small business owner I was intrigued to read this book. I consider myself a life-long learner and want to always improve. I am glad I trusted my instincts to buy it. True lessons in leadership abound. I appreciate the candor John shares throughout, letting you see the struggles and conflicts, then bringing you full circle to seeing success. It is also a story about the close parallels with life. It affirms why we should do the right thing. Thank you, John, for this brave look at what true growth looks like." -- J. Morack 

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