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Amazon Five Star Reviews 

"My favorite genres are science fiction and apocalyptic fiction. The Awakening of Artemis is a little of both but also something more; perhaps realistic fiction. Very action packed, keeps the reader engaged, which is a must for me. I felt like I was right alongside Diana in her life. I greatly appreciated the complexity of the book and how it was written in a way that all readers could understand. Definitely a book that makes you stop and think. Highly recommend it to other readers. I look forward to reading more of this author's books."

"I really enjoyed this book. Many of the references to science and technology are becoming more frequently a part of our daily lives. This is a fun story, great characters, and would make for a great movie."

"Fast-moving and action packed story line that raises a number of through-provoking issues along its way, including surveillance and tracking of individuals by government, intellectual property rights, the capacities and boundaries of artificial intelligence (think of Asimov's three laws of robotics), the evolution of social structure, and limits on and abuses of government power.
A good read!"