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Awakening of Artemis Line JCFinal 060521, The - John Calia_edited_edited.png

The Awakening of Artemis

Orphaned and disillusioned, Diana Gutierrez-Adams is on a routine military assignment when a domestic militia kidnaps her and her team.  She learns from her captors that her cryogenically-frozen grandfather is at the center of a high-stakes caper to steal technology for greed and great fortune.  Challenged by the conspiracy and pulled by emotions she doesn’t fully understand, Diana begins a rescue mission that will change her life.  

Set in 2049 America -- a world where the elites make all the rules and artificial intelligence enforces them – the real danger is that the technology will be lost in the ensuing chaos.  With her life under threat, Diana is forced into a desperate bid to escape, taking with her Gabrielle, her soulmate, the one person she knows she can trust.  

To evade a devious enemy one step ahead of them at every turn, Diana and Gabrielle must outsmart the global monitoring system that tracks their every move.  On a trail littered with the dystopian remains of middle-class America, they will come face-to-face with an artificial intelligence that threatens the future of all humankind.  

What happens to her is unexpected, perhaps miraculous – an adventure that embraces all her hopes for finding her true self and her place in a world dominated by powerful elites and even more powerful artificial intelligence.  

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