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Parallel Lies

The Resistance. A hybrid human. An escape to a parallel universe. 

After escaping from the Pods or city-states into the dystopian remains of America, Diana Gutierrez-Adams finds herself on the run. She learns that her grandfather is the head of a resistance movement to counter a conspiracy that reaches the highest levels of government. Partnered with a hybrid human, she must engineer a jailbreak, counter an imposter-led propaganda campaign in the Metaverse, and jump to a parallel universe as military forces surround her. 

Will they survive in this new world—a world that seems familiar until it doesn’t? Will they be safe from an even greater evil? How will they find their place in a society that offers security at a price? 

Parallel Lies is the second book in the Artemis near-future science fiction adventure series. If you like fast-paced thrillers in a dystopian setting, you’ll love Parallel Lies. 

Awakening of Artemis Line JCFinal 060521, The - John Calia_edited_edited.png

The Awakening of Artemis

Orphaned and disillusioned, Diana Gutierrez-Adams is on a routine military assignment when a domestic militia kidnaps her and her team.  She learns from her captors that her cryogenically-frozen grandfather is at the center of a high-stakes caper to steal technology for greed and great fortune.  Challenged by the conspiracy and pulled by emotions she doesn’t fully understand, Diana begins a rescue mission that will change her life.  

Set in 2049 America -- a world where the elites make all the rules and artificial intelligence enforces them – the real danger is that the technology will be lost in the ensuing chaos.  With her life under threat, Diana is forced into a desperate bid to escape, taking with her Gabrielle, her soulmate, the one person she knows she can trust.  

To evade a devious enemy one step ahead of them at every turn, Diana and Gabrielle must outsmart the global monitoring system that tracks their every move.  On a trail littered with the dystopian remains of middle-class America, they will come face-to-face with an artificial intelligence that threatens the future of all humankind.  

What happens to her is unexpected, perhaps miraculous – an adventure that embraces all her hopes for finding her true self and her place in a world dominated by powerful elites and even more powerful artificial intelligence.  


The Reluctant CEO

The financial crisis leaves Jack Fleming unemployed with no prospects. Then he receives a phone call that changes his life. He learns that he is the illegitimate son of a bombastic billionaire who has drowned after falling off his yacht in the Mediterranean. Now the CEO of a global empire, he is challenged by his board, the media and his management team. He fails as often as he succeeds. He sometimes gives in to his worst instincts but ultimately learns that one can succeed in business without losing your soul.

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