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Great reviews for Parallel Lies


Very interesting concepts in this dystopian novel. It's a fast-paced scifi with interesting characters. Well-written and authentic. Five stars! For anyone who loves a story with action, heart, and a bit of mystery, Parallel Lies is a must-read.


PARALLEL LIES is both exciting and enlightening: exciting because the plot is non-stop adventurous and suspenseful, constantly pitting various of the characters in situations ranging from weird to outright dangerous, and enlightening as it interweaves Quantum Physics, Multiverses, Near-Future Science Fiction in a Dystopian setting. So while you're intent on the story, your brain is also subtly expanding, and your imagination is pondering "What If?"


The story held my interest from the first line to the very end. The stakes are high, the action crazy-fun (think explosions, gun fire, and portals), and the characters are easy to love (or despise, because there are frightening villains, too).

If you liked The Man in the High Castle or Brave New World, you will love Parallel Lies. It works as a standalone, but the story and the characters’ relationships are richer if you read The Awakening of Artemis first.

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Praise for The Awakening of Artemis, a science fiction thriller

"The world building in this novel is supreme. It’s 2049, and the Space Force is up and running. Cars drive themselves in efficient, bumper-to-bumper traffic systems. Cryogenics is a thing, and so are advanced medical implants.

"There are also scary “advancements” in society such as a Culture Index system (similar to current day China’s) in which the party in power controls how citizens behave by tying their behavior to employment opportunities. Every person is monitored via an unobtrusive implant and/or AI personal assistants.

Perhaps the most notable aspect of Calia’s vision of the future is that the US has taken a bold step into socialism. Sixty percent of the masses live off government-guaranteed income, and forty percent of citizens work, live, and play in upscale, fenced-in pods (city-states) where every pod is its own likeminded tribe. (Like a brick-and-mortar Facebook group.) The income gap has never been bigger, and there is no diversity of thought.

      -- Priscilla Bettis

         The Making of a Horror Novelist

"Overall, an excellent read. Lots of unexpected twists and turns with great characters, too. I am really looking forward to more from this author."

     -- Jessica Belmont

         Writer, Blogger, Editor

This is a well-written, well-researched novel with hidden depths and meaning. If you want a very accurate glimpse of the future, this is a must read! I was hooked by it, and I just needed more. Absolutely fascinating!

     -- Roxy Eloise

        Author, The Guidal: Discovering Puracordis

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Stellar Reviews for the Reluctant CEO

A leadership story for the 21st Century 

Praise for The Reluctant CEO--a work of fiction with true-to-life leadership lessons. A great book according to these reviews. 

"Thank you John Calia for writing a no nonsense book on how difficult it is to maintain one's character and dignity while running a company as a CEO. Leadership seems to be a lost quality these days, and "The Reluctant CEO" is a bright light illuminating an often dark path on the way to success in business and life!"  -- M. Tublin 

"As someone who has owned or managed a dozen small firms and, as a business journalist, interview everyone from Bill Gates to Richard Branson, I can vouch for the important lessons embedded in this parable of the difficult journey to sustained success. The human mind has been conditioned to recall stories better than abstract commandments and this book will help improve anyone's results." -- Scott S. Smith

"As a small business owner I was intrigued to read this book. I consider myself a life-long learner and want to always improve. I am glad I trusted my instincts to buy it. True lessons in leadership abound. I appreciate the candor John shares throughout, letting you see the struggles and conflicts, then bringing you full circle to seeing success. It is also a story about the close parallels with life. It affirms why we should do the right thing. Thank you, John, for this brave look at what true growth looks like." -- J. Morack

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