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Praise for The Awakening of Artemis, a science fiction thriller

"The world building in this novel is supreme. It’s 2049, and the Space Force is up and running. Cars drive themselves in efficient, bumper-to-bumper traffic systems. Cryogenics is a thing, and so are advanced medical implants.

"There are also scary “advancements” in society such as a Culture Index system (similar to current day China’s) in which the party in power controls how citizens behave by tying their behavior to employment opportunities. Every person is monitored via an unobtrusive implant and/or AI personal assistants.

Perhaps the most notable aspect of Calia’s vision of the future is that the US has taken a bold step into socialism. Sixty percent of the masses live off government-guaranteed income, and forty percent of citizens work, live, and play in upscale, fenced-in pods (city-states) where every pod is its own likeminded tribe. (Like a brick-and-mortar Facebook group.) The income gap has never been bigger, and there is no diversity of thought.

      -- Priscilla Bettis

         The Making of a Horror Novelist

"Overall, an excellent read. Lots of unexpected twists and turns with great characters, too. I am really looking forward to more from this author."

     -- Jessica Belmont

         Writer, Blogger, Editor

This is a well-written, well-researched novel with hidden depths and meaning. If you want a very accurate glimpse of the future, this is a must read! I was hooked by it, and I just needed more. Absolutely fascinating!

     -- Roxy Eloise

        Author, The Guidal: Discovering Puracordis

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