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My 100-year-old self

My 100th Birthday celebration will take place about mid-century. You’re all invited. It won’t be easy to reach that age. My Dad passed away a few years shy of his 90th. But, I figure 100 is within reach with the help of a handful of highly skilled people and a lot of technology.

There’s a history of heart disease in my family. So, I might have a new heart by then – one grown using my stem cells inside a pig or perhaps printed in a 3D printer.

I may need the help of a home health aid, a robot that first analyzes what pharmaceuticals I need each day by means of a transdermal scan. It will mix my drug cocktail of the day and administer it through a patch.

My medication will keep my energy up and an artificial limb may keep me physically able. I won’t be old and frail – just old. And, that’s a good thing because my financial planner projected I would have been gone long before my 95th birthday. So, read more

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