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A Baby-Boomer who believes in the Millennial Generation

Stick to your guns, kids! That’s my message.

Among the generalizations about Millennials is the oft-repeated aphorism that they won’t make the mistakes their parents made, being loyal to institutions that will screw them over whenever it suits. Their parents worked hard and played by the rules and what did it get them? Layoffs, foreclosures and underemployment!

Millennials want to work for companies that express their values articulately and live up to them. And, why shouldn’t they? Won’t the world be a better place for it?

study conducted by The Center for Women & Business at Bentley University concludes in part: “They [Millennials] are confident in their abilities and strive for career success, but will not tolerate unpleasant workplaces that do not allow them to be their authentic selves in expressing their personal and family values. On the other hand, they are loyal and dedicated to companies that allow them to stay true to their personal and family values.”

In my new book (The Reluctant CEO, due out in June) the protagonist is frustrated and angry until an intervention by his family, friends and colleagues makes him realize that he is neither leading nor living according to his values.

The message:

You should let your values influence your behavior, your choices and your emotions. Your values give you purpose for getting up in the morning.

If you don’t behave according to your values, you will constantly be at odds with yourself. You’ll be in physical distress, treat others badly and destroy the relationships that you value most.

So, again, I say: Stick to your guns, kids!

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